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Howell Station Community Development Procedure

The HSNA Board and Community Development Subcommittee have put together a list of our high-level expectations for engagement during the course of any new development, zoning and construction projects in and around Howell Station. All homeowners and/or developers planning to begin work in our area are asked and expected to follow these procedures when seeking support for their project from the Howell Station Neighborhood Association.

Please reach out to us at howell.station1893@gmail.com to begin this process.

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Howell Station Community Development Procedure

  1. All applicants seeking support from the Howell Station Neighborhood Association for a rezoning, variance, SAP or SUP application shall schedule a meeting with the HSNA Board to review the proposed project before their application is reviewed at the NPU meeting. The HSNA zoning committee will review applications with large developments (over 10,000 SF). Applicants proposing large developments can expect to meet with the zoning committee several times before their NPU hearing.

  2. The applicant shall submit the following documents to the HSNA Board prior to the initial meeting: Site plan, building elevations, photographs of existing site, project rendering, material palette, list of planned variances and SAP variations.

  3. The HSNA Board shall review the submitted plans for compliance and with local zoning ordinances including the Beltline Overlay district and alignment with current master plans including the Westside Revive Plan, The Beltline Masterplan and The One Atlanta Strategic Transportation Plan. If applicable, the HSNA board may develop a list of re-zoning conditions to ensure the development remains consistent with the submitted plans through the design and construction process.

  4. The HSNA board shall review the impacts of the proposed development on the health, safety and quality of life of Howell Station residents and the local community and develop a community benefits agreement with the property owner if needed.

  5. The applicant shall maintain communication with a designated point of contact at HSNA and provide updates as entitlement and construction milestones are reached, including but not limited to the following: Rezoning application, Variance Application, SAP application, Building Permit, Breaking Ground, Certificate of Occupancy.

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